Physical Side Of Confidence

There are 5 areas that we can attend to by changing some of the things we do physically. Doing so will help us build our self-confidence overall. These five areas are:

  • Exercise
  • Dress
  • Smiling
  • Posture
  • Speech


Pretty straightforward. I am sure you’ve heard it before. Recommended 20 min of exercise daily. Once you start it’s easy to maintain. The hard part is starting. Go with an enormous incentive for actually starting and you’ll find that you will.

Exercise will let you know the limits you can take your body and brings that sense of achievement once you reach a particular milestone. It helps shape your body and if done right can help you achieve the look you want.

I feel much more confident now than before I could run without stopping to walk after 5 min.


First impressions are often dependent on attire. If someone is dressed well the way people treat them reflects that. Same if someone is dressed poorly. Once someone steps on a stage for example you have an opinion of them even before they’ve said a word. Why?


You can help fool yourself into feeling confident by doing this. It’s also a sign that you know what you are doing or are comfortable with the results. Try it more often and see it work wonders in your social interactions and your self-perception.


I was a tall kid. I tried desperately to fit in with those much shorter than me by hunching down for several years. I’ve had to work to recorrect my posture because I belatedly realised that I was tall and there was absolutely nothing wring with that. In fact if I was to define my self-worth using others’ opinion there is actually greater stock placed on being tall than on being short. Still – that’s not what we are aiming for here. Stand up straight. You’ll feel more powerful and confident by doing so.


Speaking to quickly is a sign of nervousness. It also makes it harder for those listening to process what you are saying. If you speak to slowly however it is easy for someone to then forget what the original point was about by the time you complete your sentence. Volume matters but too much volume can be just as bad – it makes it seem like you’re an attention-seeker aka unconfident.

Work on these 5 key areas and you will see massive positive change in your confidence.

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Creativity: Exposure (Television Part 1)

Photo cred: Parents Television Council

While I wholly subscribe to reading books to stoke ones creative flames into a bonfire, there is no denying that watching television can help. What? Nah. You gotta be kidding right? Television is nothing but a waste of time. I disagree. If of course like any other form of leisure you overindulge in it you will end up looking back on life contemplating the foolish way you let time slip like grains of sand between your outstretched fingers.

You can check out Zy Marquiez‘s well written post on just that.

We know exposure cultivates creativity and other than the internet and books, television has the potential to transport you to more places than you probably can visit literally.

If you’re intentional about what you watch, consuming content spanning all genres: from Fantasy, Sci-fi to Romance, Drama to Comedy, Thriller to Psychology or Crime and Horror – how can you not broaden your mental landscape?

It is true however that there is less active participation of imagination when watching television as there is to say reading a book. Here lies the tip which can get you to squeeze every last ounce of creativity after watching a show. Self-insertion!

I know it’s come again, I mentioned it before but the importance of exercising a first person view of what you’ve just watched to boost your creativity cannot be overstated. Somewhat surprisingly it’s a hugely powerful creativity lifehack that sharpens your otherworldly perspective. Just try it and see.