Grounded Roots

Approx 1 min read

In this, the final chapter of our communication series I would like to discuss something that flies under the radar but is all important. This is the spreading of rumours and the peddling of unfounded information as if it is fact.

I fell into this category for a long time. Because I was gullible (and evidently lazy to actually research and find out the real truth) I would pass on information I had heard as fact, without ever ascertaining if it was so. This came to a head when I was told by someone that the star of ‘My Wife and Kids’, Damon Wayans, had passed away. They said he had cancer, hence the bald head. I believed it – it made sense and that was enough for me. For years I would tell anyone that listened that bit of information as if it was fact. It wasn’t. In fact it was disproven by someone I had brainwashed to believe it, my little sister. She says she found out when someone from her class brought it up and when she checked on the internet – Damon Wayans was alive and well… years after I had claimed he was dead. So, whenever I said something, she would no longer believe it as readily as she used to.

This is the crux of the issue. Never communicate things you do not know to be true, lest you lose trust over spewing falsehoods, unintentionally or otherwise. Do your research – then speak.

Get excited. Tomorrow we start a new series entitled: Friends.

Stay awesome!

Bonds of Promise

Approx 2 min read

Hey everyone! So… what is that HUGE thing doing there?! Is tha- is that an ELEPHANT?!

Yes, there’s an elephant in the room.

Yo Ayanda… you were talking about communication… why didn’t you communicate yesterday?

My apologies for my absence especially after I had said there would be a post yesterday. I’m still working on my consistency 🙂 guess there is room for improvement! The good news is, this is the perfect situation for me to include this title: “Bonds of Promise”.

Are you disappointed? Do you feel apathetic? How does my inactivity yesterday after I had promised I would, “See you tomorrow,” the previous day leave you feeling? Whatever it is – I hope it isn’t joy. I mean surely my content isn’t that awful?

But let’s get real. How do you feel when someone makes a promise and doesn’t live up to it? Never good, right? We are disappointed because it goes against the way we’re designed to be – faithful to our words. Every time we deviate from that we lose something in the eyes of the person on the other end of our promises. It’s invisible but it can crumble. Like air (and faith) it is all-important. You know what that thing is. Say it with me now: TRUST.

It’s so vital that we govern ourselves by our own words, to the extent of making them a law unto ourselves. Especially in the case of parents. Every time you say something and then do something contradictory to the words you’ve spoken, you sow seeds of rebellion in your child. After all, if you won’t do what you say; why should they? If you can’t perform based on the words you spoke freely, why should anyone else be expected to live up to that standard?

Every time we break a promise, we chip away at this invisible structure called trust. Thus I too will take the long journey to re-establish your trust. That’s done by one way and one way only, continuously following through on what I say I’ll do. This will take time. ..

Unfortunately it’s easy to break trust but it’s a mammoth task to regain it.

But I won’t give up on us. Will you?

With that I bid you a pleasant night (or afternoon or morning, as per which part of the world you’re reading this),

See you tomorrow!

**Laughs in black and white**

Stay awesome.