My Biggest Misconception

This may sound ridiculous, I hope it doesn’t coz every pore already oozes absurdity, but I always believed that after a certain age a certain invisible switch would be magically flipped and “adulthood” would sssslide in smooth as an eel (unlike me in them DMs).

I always thought that when I became a father I wouldn’t think like I do now. After all my wise father isn’t really the same person in his mind as he was pre-marriage surely? Right?

Ahem, turns out – THAT IS NOT THE CASE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! What made the realisation dawn on me was what I thought to be an innocuous conversation had after talking about my 90 year old grandfather and the Liberation War:

Joe: If there was a war between Zimbabwe and… Zambia for example, would you pack up your bags and take Kim and Mom to safety in a neighbouring country, or would you stay and fight?

Dad: I’d join the army… the Zambian army 😀

Classic dad joke. This plus numerous other exchanges raced through my mind and BOOM. Nuclear bomb went off in my mind. The first mental lightbulb in ages it seems.

Now that I know it was a massive misconception, looking at my father I’m supremely impressed… and looking at myself, I’m very worried 😀

Thank you for your time:)



No. 10

Number 10. We both love football so we can both appreciate just how important a number 10 is. It is no coincidence that our favourite player of all time is a number 10; a playmaker. A number 10 is one who makes things happen, without them the team will struggle to score. Often the number 10 decides whether the game is won or lost. The number 10 can drag a team across the line – sometimes singlehandedly.

This is where you come in Dad. You’re our No. 10! You’re our Christian Eriksen, our Eden Hazard, our Kevin De Bruyne… Our Lionel Messi. You’re a prodigy at what you do and we love you for it. You might not get the equivalent of the Ballon d’Or but you have all our love and appreciation.

Today we’d like to celebrate you and all your awesomeness, technical skills… in spite of a lack of agility. Happy birthday Dad! To an extremely delayed retirement as No. 10!

PS A shame you support Arsenal 😉

Learn This My Son

“Learn this my son: they are called “loved ones” for a reason. Love them with all your heart. Say you love them as often as you can, show that you love them always. Put them first before yourself. When you are famished offer them food. When you thirst ask if they would like something to drink. This is what a man ought to be. Your family will cherish you for it.

“Learn this my son: it is called hard work because it is hard. Is what you are doing hard? Then you’re probably doing it right. Persevere! Do not shirk away from your duty. Chip at it like the mason working on his prize sculpture. Remember to always aspire! Visualise, my boy! Plan ahead before you set your chisel against the stone, lest your eagerness ruin the masterpiece long before it is realised. o this and your goals will be achievable.

“Learn this my son: stay away from negative influence. Anything that clouds your judgement blocks your route to success. Read! Surround yourself with people with clear agendas, with goals as high or even greater than your own. Learn from them. In their presence do not speak the loudest, listen the most; this is how you’ll grow.

“Learn this my son: yesterday was yesterday. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow you will be one day closer to heaven than you are today. Do not be afraid! Be excited! You know now that you have limited time… make the most of it! Live every moment! Push as if you’ll never push again. Strive to your maximum at every attempt. Do this and you will have no regrets. Do this and you will be content.

“Learn this my son: laugh. I cannot stress this enough. Laugh! This way the aforementioned ‘Stress’ will not be enough to stop you. Laugh in the face of adversity, your family will cherish you for it. Laugh, for that is how they will know they will get through it. Laugh while you do all that I have tried to teach you and your days shall be long and joyful…

“Learn this my son: I am but a man and I teach what I have witnessed with my own eyes. Your true guide awaits you to find Him. Search for Him for He has knowledge far beyond my capabilities. Learn how to be a father from Him, He is the greatest Father of all. He will help you find one to share your love an laughter with. He will give you direction and strength. He will show you where opportunities lie. He will endow you with wisdom my boy. My son, do all of this and you will make me undoubtedly proud. Do this and I will be as proud as a man can be.”

“Father; this I have learned and continue to learn day by day. Now these principles reverberate throughout my whole being. I appreciate especially that these are not words uttered by you, Man of Few Words – instead I am learning how to be a good man, a good father in the best possible way… through watching you. It is testament to your great example that I can say with no hesitation. You are a great man, Dad. I love you.