Weird Game #1

Weird games. They’re weird right? Not hard to assume considering it’s in the name. Unfortunately my mind is capable of coming up with such oddities. Furthermore, my mind insists on me being an active player of these games. Here is the first… of many.

You want to know why I walk quickly? The first reason is I have longer-than-average legs. The second is that I’ve spent some time in London where at any given time most people will be in a rush, especially in tube stations. But the number one reason is this weird mental game I play.

At each street crossing I imagine that once I step foot on the tarmac, two cars, from both directions, are trying to make a Joe-meets-tarmac pancake. Stepping back is not an option as the path behind me has fallen away into oblivion. The only way forward is… well, forward. However, my legs are in iron braces, so I cannot run. What to do now? Walk baby! Walk like the wind!

It’s quite a comical sight. My mind doesn’t even have the decency to only suggest it at night. It brings such thoughts up in brought daylight. It won’t even be a suggestion! It has simply become an order my body follows at every street crossing. It wouldn’t be a weird game without awkward consequences now would it?

You’ll see me gliding across the street as I walk. If Google says walking to said destination should take me an hour, I’ll get there in two-thirds that. Why? All to avoid the awkward gawking directed towards someone who will walk like a normal person before the intersection only to act like a man on fire after it.

Trafalgar Square

Look at the pretty lion. Roarrrrrrr! Funny enough they could never have lions naturally in the UK because they wouldn’t survive. LOL. Way to start off the blog Joe, be a savage.

Wasup peeps? Guess who went to Trafalgar Square today? This guy! “This guy” as in me. I must say it was absolutely lovely! I went there on the hottest August day recorded since the late 90s… in the 19th century that is. And boy were there loads of hot girls… physically, literally and metaphorically speaking. I worked up a real sweat because of all of the above and lots of walking.

I even had a chat with one of the peeps by the information desk. He was lovely. He gave me some wonderful information about Trafalgar Square, I remember almost none of it but I took a video so you can check it out on YouTube; you know… when I actually grow a pair and give you my YouTube channel name.

All in all it was such a productive day to be honest. I managed to get a high-paying, high-reward job for the school term, talked to the client manager who also happened to be the lady I had a crush on (had the crush die because I encountered unsavoury information after a little bit of interrogation). I also saw some beautiful art in the National Art Gallery, with paintings drawn back when the nip was still free (oh yeeeeeeahhhhh). It was generally such a good day for me that I’m surprised at myself for ending the post here.

Check out some of the pictures below. Take care!

Life Loves A Soul With A Goal, NOT A Sleep Creep


Do you ever wake up and just feel totally depleted? Ever wonder how you’ve gone so far into the year and the days just seem to slip away without any progress? Lastly, do you ever just feel like you could sleep all day long and that would be bliss? You’re living life the wrong way my friend, so are most of us, including me. But I guess one has to learn to be able to share, right? In this post I’ll give you 7 points to avoid ever feeling like that again. I hope this rather long-winded (sorry about that) post can help you out with that.

One sunny school day I filled in a stress-meter test paper thinking I’d receive an A, you know, for being stress free. I mean, when you look at me and interact with me, I would like to think that you’ll find a carefree young man, as bubbly as a can of Cola; just as sweet, a little unhealthy but somehow (thankfully) not as dark. Not that being dark is a bad thing of course. I AM a lover chocolate *insert heart eyes*. Moving on, after completing this test I was shocked to find out that I’d failed. Now just so you know I’ve only just started learning to learn from failure ( that sentence in spite of its simplicity nearly broke my mind). Before, I wouldn’t accept failure and that can be both a good and bad thing but I’ll save that topic for another day. Turns out wishing you could sleep all day is indicative of high stress levels… Love for sleep shows stress… I couldn’t believe it. I LOVE sleep. Only after protracted explanations, proofs and documentation would I believe that wishing you could sleep for a week was a sign of stress.

Now don’t misunderstand me here, sleep is a gift. It gives your brain time to reorganise memories. It allows your body to rest, to regenerate – literally. Sleep is bliss – especially if you have pleasant dreams *wink wink*. Unfortunately it is too good. It offers an avenue to escape things that matter. It allows you to forget what you have to do during the day and what you failed to do during the previous 24 hours. Constantly seeking a way out of life is a sign of stress. Stress isn’t good (duh). Stress is synonymous with monotony. Monotony is synonymous with lack of goal-setting… and that’s what we have to address today. (God that was a long way round, wasn’t it?

“Ever wake up and feel depleted? Ever wonder how you’ve gone so far into the year and the days just seem to slip away? Worst of all, do you ever just feel like you could sleep all day long and that would be bliss?”

What if I told you you can stop feeling that starting tomorrow? You don’t believe me? You have every right not to, but just try out this simple thing and then complain afterwards if it doesn’t work for you. The comment section is all yours.

Part of the reason for stress is that lack of purpose. Purpose is something hard to define but we can break it down… to give yourself a tangible feeling of achieving purpose, set goals each day. I know this sounds ridiculously simple and the truth is, it is. It’s so ridiculously simple that because of it’s simplicity people refuse to believe that having set objectives  will change anything. But guess what? It changes EVERYTHING. How do you feel you’ve progressed if you don’t have a mark to measure up to? How do you muster the will to achieve anything without setting a goal, a target? The most successful people, the ones you probably look up to have goals they have set for themselves. Sprinters set times they want to achieve. Footballers have a set number of literal goals they want to reach. Artists have a number of records they want to sell. The best architects have buildings they HAVE to realise. I know this is sounding preachy but it’s factual. Every great person has a great urge to achieve SOMETHING. I have decided to share this because I assume you want to be great, I know I do.

Well but that’s a long term goal, how does that help me from sleeping day in day out? I suggest you read my first blog post. If you realise that time isn’t as rigid as it seems you’ll feel the urgency you need to achieve your goal. But to help us get along let’s make a list to help us be on top of life:

  1. Write down daily goals the night before you go to bed, preferably with times too (so you try and stop procrastinating). *I emphasise on writing because it gives the plan a concreteness about it. Keeping the idea in the fluidity of thought will only make  it easier to skimp out on the plan. 
  2. Have a friend or a companion who will listen to you recount the day. This adds to the accountability factor and will help you give motion to your ideas as you learn to set goals daily.
  3. Draw up a long term vision that you would be proud of years from now.
  4. Speak about your vision aloud and often, in your room or shower, on the toilet seat – you name it. The more you say it, the more you believe you can do it, the more motivated you are to achieve it.
  5. Lastly invest time in achieving your goal. It makes no sense setting a goal then spending time doing things that won’t help you achieve that goal.
  6. Let the above be second nature to you such that when obstacles come in your way you have the will to overcome them.
  7. Sleep less. 8 hours is all you need, less as you grow older. Trust me the rest of achieving a goal is better than a week of sleep.

Life seems to give in to people that have a set vision, a goal and who chase after it like there’s no tomorrow. Be that person.


It took quite a bit of deliberating to come up with the title. I wish I’d planned it when I’d first conceived the idea of this blog post a couple of days ago. Yes, a couple of days ago. Knowing that and if you have read my last (and first) entry you will know that I failed to do something of vital importance, namely living in the moment. This dilemma offers me the chance to do one of two things: I could either justify myself by making an excuse or suck it up, learn from it and press on. The frequency of upcoming blog posts will alert you as to which option I would have chosen.