Let’s Talk

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a terrible year for this blog and yet surprisingly this is the year I’ve seen the most traffic. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. I had the resolutions down right and the amazing-enough-to-be-insane target of a million followers by the end of the year (sue me for dreaming big). Guess this goes to show that a goal isn’t enough heh? Honestly speaking I should have put in more effort. The awesome things in life don’t come without hard work ya duh blah blah. It’s still true. This would be so much easier if we could just relay the words in our heads without the bottleneck of speech, or in this case, text.

Would I be more consistent if I could instantly convert my thoughts to blog posts? Maybe… I mean… most certainly! Someone needs to come up with that. It’s probably there already, not in the exact form I speak of but close. Text-to-speech is a thing, right? I don’t know how great it actually works (all my experiences have been negative) but it is an alternative. I saw a movie where a letter-writing company was composed solely of what we would consider voice actors today. The computer did all the typing and yet the letters were all considered to be “handwritten”.  Weird. This neatly brings me to my movie recommendation. ‘Her’, released in 2013 and starring Joaquin Phoenix and the absolutely tremendous voice acting of Scarlett Johansson. I’m not as sensitive as I was and should be (a topic for another day) but there are five instances of sexual content that, uhm, can leave a lasting impression. That is your only warning.

Anyway I still think talking is a bottleneck. I have the audacity to consider myself a pretty good public speaker but even so, the fact that some of my brainpower goes into converting words into speech, shaping the syllables, cadence and then rhythm, I feel I end up taking a hit in the final quality of the content. If you ever create a machine that allows me to telepathically transmit my thoughts to my audience accurately, please do me a solid and hook me up.

Or maybe not…

Perhaps the reason we love the books we read and the art we view and the movies we experience is because we understand that bottleneck and embrace it. Perhaps the more artistically inclined of us look at this challenge and savour it, taking all those sensual limitations and using them to their advantage; pouncing on every one of our senses to give us a holistic, all-consuming adventure that we will never forget, or at the very least, never wish to.

Maybe I’ll stop whining and quit wishing for mind-to-mind transmission. Maybe I will learn to master the art of using words instead. That doesn’t sound half bad.

Let’s talk.

See you soon.

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