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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It’s a wonderful command, one which if followed would drastically change the way we live, for the better. This is especially true in relationships. Relationships function using the principle of reciprocity. They have to. A relationship (one where you choose to enter as opposed to one that’s forced upon you) is at its most healthy when both parties work in tandem. When there is too much conflict it often breaks apart. Why? Well given the choice the majority of people would pick peace over conflict. By extension it means that if you’re a source of peace you’ll probably be attractive. If you’re a conflict generator you’ll probably repel more people. It’s another reason why like-minded people stick together. There’s less conflict where there is lots of agreement. This is just by definition.

So why all the talk of conflict and reciprocity? Where does it come in regards communication? Well another source of conflict is where expectation and reality fail to coexist. You expect one thing and you see something else. 

Case study:

“Why haven’t you done dishes?”


This then makes it imperative that we govern our speech in accordance to what we listed at the very beginning. To modify it for our topic today: relate with others (communicate) the way you would like to be related with.

If you don’t want someone swearing at you, don’t swear at them. If you don’t like sound effects like scoffing, don’t scoff back. If you don’t like someone rolling their eyes at you, don’t roll your eyes at them. Because if you do any of the things you don’t want done to you all you’ve done is open the door… allowing reciprocity to kick in.

Have a great day!

Stay awesome.

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  1. Everything is very open with a very clear clarification of
    the challenges. It was really informative.
    Your website is extremely helpful. Many thanks for sharing!


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