Power Of A Smile

Approx 2 min read

“Imagine resolving to be consistent then failing to live up to that resolve a mere couple of days afterwards. That’s me,” I smile. “Sorry.”

And with that I am instantly forgiven. In part it’s because you all have such generous hearts; hearts that dispense kindness in equal proportion to how the world dispenses cruelty. Whoa there! Let’s not get dark. (That wasn’t a complexion joke by the way that was… Ayanda proceeds to bin himself.)

Let’s try this again, shall we?

Hey there you wonderful human being you! It’s me and we’re back at it! Communication, words and all. Today I am going to introduce someone to you that you really need no introduction to. Her name is ‘Smile’ and she’s absolutely gorgeous.

I’ve been told never to tell a woman to smile, unless I’m behind a camera and she’s asked me to take a picture of her. It’s rude. I get it, no one likes being told what to do especially when they are capable of making rational decisions themselves. Yet that does not diminish the power of the thing being requested. A smile can melt hearts, it can make someone reach into their wallet unconsciously, it can make people give way and it can make someone smile in turn. A smile can communicate strength. Sometimes your smile will say, “What you’ve said didn’t hurt my feelings at all, try again sucker!” It can ward off people who sought to bully you.

With a smile you already attain the most vital component of diplomacy, which if perfected (and we will touch on this topic in episodes to come) will have you telling someone to, “Go to hell,” in such a way that they will desire to do so – gladly.

But that’s a topic for a different day.

There is a connection between internal feelings and external expressions.

Ever tried the other way round? Smiling on purpose to help you with your internal mood? No? Do you think it’s worth a crack? (Get it? Oh man… I need to stop reading all these dad jokes.)

The smile is so powerful it can leave a lasting impression on someone for years to come.

Don’t believe me?



I for one will never forget that smile.

See ya tomorrow! (hopefully XD)

Stay awesome.


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