Parachute Patience Is A Virtue

Approx 1.5 min read

Lips barely opened, I leapt off the edge.

Like a missile bound solely to destroy. Your words were weighty with wisdom; the parachute (in my haste) left behind.

The fast approaching ground is my life, green, luscious, alive – for now.

At least until my imminent crash…


I will be honest (as ever). The art of listening is something I’m still working on, especially when it’s in line with being corrected. (Ugh!t Why can’t I be is right all the time?) There  this no denying though listening is perhaps the most essential aspect of being a good communicator. For one thing, it helps prevent saying dumb stuff.

Simple advice to prevent yourself from saying things you might regret. So simple in  fact you’ve heard it before. Ready? Count to ten. That’s it. Do the count as slowly as you’re willing. This will help with a few things.

One, the urge to blurt out the first thing you wanted to say (instinctive emotional reaction) should have subsided. Two, you are better able to frame your response intelligently. Three, the person on the receiving end will be forced to acknowledge that you think before you speak and by the “monkey see monkey do” principle will feel pressured to do the same. Lastly, the intensity of your reaction decreases and leans towards being calm. You make decisions you’re least likely to regret when you’re calm.

It’s hard work but the benefits outweigh the pain so much that I have decided to write about it. It will impact your life positively.

As ever, I challenge you. Don’t just believe me, try it yourself.

See you tomorrow!

Stay awesome.

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