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We meet again! I’ve been expecting you. Today we’re having a look at friends and the role they can play in helping us out of our comfort zones.

This will be very simple, direct and plain (unlike most of the things that come out of my mind). Friends exert a pressure just by their mere presence which works to affect our behaviour and personality. Some of us have a high resistance to this pressure while others are more prone to go with this flow. Nevertheless that pressure to conform exists for everyone. If you over 12 you’ve absolutely heard this termed peer pressure.

Peer pressure in itself is neither good nor bad. What matters is that it exists. Its intended purpose is to get us aligned with the ideologies of those around us and, if used correctly, can be used for our benefit.

Bad company corrupts good morals. Birds of a feather flock together. One person said, “You are the average of the 5 people you associate with most.

You wanna step out of your comfort zone? Associate with people that do things out of your comfort zone – preferably in the direction you want to go. Sooner or later you will find yourself doing just that, all because of peer pressure.

Now that’s the power of friendship.

Tomorrow we delve into ‘Communication‘. Trust me when (in my most professional lingo) I say, it’s going to be real dope.

Stay awesome!

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