Write The Vision Down

Approx 2.5 min read

Hey there! Back again are we? Fantastic! Good to have you.

Remember when I started off this series and I mentioned that bit about how some of the things I will be sharing will be from experience while others will be from principle? Yeah? Well this is one of those things that I’ve done in part based on principle and it’s already working.

To start this off I’d like to insert and idea into your head. One of the most powerful things we can do as humans is create an image. No, I’m not talking about photoshop. I’m talking about the ability to see something that doesn’t exist physically as real, and behave accordingly. In Christianity it’s referred to as faith and it can sound a little crazy but we use it all the time. You don’t believe me? What is time? What is a country? What is a company? What is money? What is a government? In a way, crazy as it may seem – these are but figments of our imagination which we allow to govern our lives. Things with no actual power but are given power because we agree with the notion. But that’s just my opinion (or is it?).

One way to break out of one’s comfort zone is to provide an image of the thing one wants; to see it daily until it is etched in one’s mind. In my case I have a dream (Martin Luther King Jr., please do forgive me for stealing what I think is your best line, I just couldn’t help it!) that I will own Manchester City football club. It sounds ridiculous and is possibly downright insane. That’s even before you consider the fact that the entity is worth over 2 billion dollars right now.

However. once that idea seeps into the recesses of my mind and is as real to me as money is… I can’t be comfortable lying in bed until my body feels like waking up on a weekend. I can’t be comfortable being unproductive. I will be forced to change because the thing I envision and my current behaviour don’t align. Just like when your goal of achieving a certain body shape becomes crystalline you adjust your diet and exercise accordingly, so too will your attitude change when your goals become very clear.

And the tool to make your goals clear: a vision board.

So get on with it. Get a large sheet of paper or prepare some kind of powerpoint. From the 8 areas of your life that have the most significance: spiritual, health, family and friends, relationship, career, personal growth, money and fun and recreation – stick images that align with what you envision yourself achieving, then put the vision board in a place where you can see it everyday. Let that become as familiar to you as the crush’s social media page and see yourself working towards it.

One awesome thing about this. It can be proven fairly easily just by doing it. So… just do it. (Sorry Nike.)

See you tomorrow.

Stay awesome!

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