Fancy A Reward?

(Approx 1.5 min read)

Welcome to episode three of ‘Comfort Zone’!

Hey you. Yes you! Who else did you think I was talking to? Jeez… Would you like a reward?

Come on. Who doesn’t like gifts?

Let’s use this and some points to flesh out our discussion today.

Point number one – Gifts are nice because they get given to us, which implies very little work on our part. However, working for something and then receiving a reward based on that work adds value to the reward. It doesn’t become more expensive but mentally we attribute the effort we put into attaining it as a cherry on top of the original value of the thing we earn as compensation for our work.

Point number two – Do you know why we find it easier to stay in our comfort zone than to break out of it? Any guesses? Ding ding ding! You got it! (I think) We find it easier to stay in our comfort zone because it’s comfortable ditto the name “comfort zone”. (“Wow. World-class content there Ayanda.” “Yeah XD well… it doesn’t make it any less true.”)

Point number three – Like any chemical reaction – to move from one state to the other requires activation energy. This is the extra push that gets the ball rolling, otherwise if we believe, think and say things are “ok” as they are, why should we want to change? This activation energy can be in the form of a new perspective, motivation or (the topic for today) … a reward.

Conclusion – Do you want to escape the confines of your comfort zone? Do you really? Like, REALLY? Well then, to help you achieve that dream, apply yesterday’s lesson ie look up something new you’d like to do, then once you’ve pinpointed that I dare you (Dare you I say!) to do something outrageous. Are you ready? Here it goes… plan a reward for doing it. Then once you’ve done it, reward yourself with that thing.

That’s it.

If you love yourself as much as I love you, do make it something nice.

See you tomorrow.

Stay awesome!

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