I Don’t Like It – You Ever Tried It?

(Approx 2 min read)

“I would never ever do something as crazy as skydiving. I can’t do something so absurd. Do I look insane to you? You’re mad!”

I’d never do anything as extreme as that I thought. But guess who looks forward to skydiving now? I can see the seeds that led a shut-in neet who only ever lived for gaming like myself to enjoy and seek after the more adventurous lifestyle. It started simple… a bicycle with training wheels for balance, removing the training wheels, then in-line skates, sand boarding and finally the Disney rollercoaster known as ‘Screaming’. All of these newfound experiences shattered a fear harboured and ignited a curiosity for more. This is our topic for today.

Far too often we limit ourselves because of mindsets often reinforced by our speech. The words “can’t” are more powerful than we give them credit for. I advise against using them and instead adopting the phrase “I do not want“. “Why?” you ask? Well…

‘From the depths of the heart the mouth speaks‘. ‘Life and death are in the power of the tongue.’ To get us speaking right, we need to be feeding right information into our minds.

To get us out of our comfort zone in terms of speech, which is the first step towards achieving what we are aiming for, we need to diversify the sources of information we take in. Am I using too many words? I feel like it. So what do we need in one word? Exposure.

How did you know that you liked your favourite meal? You tasted it, right? Therefore would it be crazy to say that without tasting that particular meal, it wouldn’t be your favourite? I assume you say that’s a logical conclusion… but that doesn’t change the fact that you were always going to enjoy that meal – all that was missing was your experience of it. In other words, the things we enjoy more than anything are out there, they exist. They are perpetually waiting for us to encounter them, experience them, live them and enjoy them. But you can’t enjoy something you don’t encounter. You can’t do something you don’t know or never hear about. Want to get out of your comfort zone of thinking and in doing so speaking? Start by expanding the content you feed your brain. 

Thank God for the internet.

Thank God for you.

Let’s meet again tomorrow.

Stay awesome!

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