Zea Mays Everta

Zea Mays Everta from ‘Bleeding Heart’

photo cred: 4USkY

Oh snap! This is it!

This is what we were made for.

We grew up whispering about this day,

Our sheaves touching as the wind blew south.

Surely it’s only upwards from here.

We deserve this treatment.

The thirst we felt as they starved us of water,

The pressure we felt as they packed us like sardines in the silo;

Crushing our relatives in the process…

This is what it was all for.

Now, like the kings of old, we bathe in olive oil, finally free as birds in the sky.

The very same birds that used to torment us and murder us at will.


This metallic sky is far better than the one that they call home,

Offering us protection from them and the scorching sun as well.

The building too is ridiculously clean,

Shining like the finest silver as far as the eye can see.

I am clearly not the only one overwhelmed with joy,

I can overhear my cousins hissing with excitement!

It’s blissfully warm in here.

Some sections of the oil pool have become a jacuzzi.

The hissing elation escalates.

I’ve never seen such enthusiasm!

I too end up hissing uncontrollably.

Hahahahah! What is happening?


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