Creativity: Exposure (Television Part 1)

Photo cred: Parents Television Council

While I wholly subscribe to reading books to stoke ones creative flames into a bonfire, there is no denying that watching television can help. What? Nah. You gotta be kidding right? Television is nothing but a waste of time. I disagree. If of course like any other form of leisure you overindulge in it you will end up looking back on life contemplating the foolish way you let time slip like grains of sand between your outstretched fingers.

You can check out Zy Marquiez‘s well written post on just that.

We know exposure cultivates creativity and other than the internet and books, television has the potential to transport you to more places than you probably can visit literally.

If you’re intentional about what you watch, consuming content spanning all genres: from Fantasy, Sci-fi to Romance, Drama to Comedy, Thriller to Psychology or Crime and Horror – how can you not broaden your mental landscape?

It is true however that there is less active participation of imagination when watching television as there is to say reading a book. Here lies the tip which can get you to squeeze every last ounce of creativity after watching a show. Self-insertion!

I know it’s come again, I mentioned it before but the importance of exercising a first person view of what you’ve just watched to boost your creativity cannot be overstated. Somewhat surprisingly it’s a hugely powerful creativity lifehack that sharpens your otherworldly perspective. Just try it and see.

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