Impacting Every Life Positively

Today was a good day. I had the chance to talk to a prospective student and lend him the tools I wish I had at the start of my own academic journey. As I talked to him I realised that some of the advice I was giving was from my own personal experience, as you would expect – but most of it was advice was given by others who were ahead of me. Sure they were still experiencing life but they had been where I was right then and survived. Looking back now it just emphasised that life is indeed a journey. When the lad said, “Thank you,” as he left after lunch I remembered my own appreciation for the wisdom that was shared with me earlier. I smiled to myself and acknowledged that those people had actually impacted my life positively.

That got me thinking: why is it when we see someone heading for a pothole we’ve stumbled into in the past we let them do so anyway, when we have the knowledge and the experience to say, “Hey! Watch where you’re going! Swerve right over here and you’ll avoid the pain of this pitfall!” I believe it is our mandate to do just that, to warn those that are following in our footsteps, to share our experiences, to motivate and encourage those that need it. So what if the person you talk to chooses to ignore you? So what if you are in a hurry? You never know when those words sink in or how profound an effect you may have on that person.

I challenge you today. If you see someone about to fall into a pit – one you’ve experienced before or know how to avoid – shout, “Hey!” Impact their life positively.

Thank you for your time.