Careful Not To Eat Your Fingers

Oh God that Twix joke was so freaking awful – so much so that I won’t forget it. Truly speaking ever since then we’ve been true nakama. Some Naruto-Sasuke level friendship wherein no matter how much you may occasionally annoy me, and no matter how much cringe I may induce, we’ve always got each other’s backs.

I probably would have imploded were I to have gone through these last three years by myself. But I’m still here and I’m still in a “stable” mental state – and a large part of that is down to you.

I truly am glad to have gone through the past three years with you; ups and downs included! As you turn 22 I look forward to seeing more growth: I look forward to seeing you graduate, develop super successful apps and earning six (correction N-I-N-E!) figure income in Texas! There is a lot to be excited for and if there’s anyone I believe in to make it to the very top it’s you!

Happy 22nd Birthday mofos!

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