Is That You Mommy? Close Enough!

Ever-present. Ever giving advice.

Ever honest, be it brutal or nice.

Today we celebrate with you once again.

Grateful for the person you have always been.

(As a result of your impact)

The people you’ve blessed gather today.

Honoured and glad we proudly proclaim:

“Happy birthday!” the crowd roars.

We wish you many more… and more… and MORE!


Aunty Megi

Careful Not To Eat Your Fingers

Oh God that Twix joke was so freaking awful – so much so that I won’t forget it. Truly speaking ever since then we’ve been true nakama. Some Naruto-Sasuke level friendship wherein no matter how much you may occasionally annoy me, and no matter how much cringe I may induce, we’ve always got each other’s backs.

I probably would have imploded were I to have gone through these last three years by myself. But I’m still here and I’m still in a “stable” mental state – and a large part of that is down to you.

I truly am glad to have gone through the past three years with you; ups and downs included! As you turn 22 I look forward to seeing more growth: I look forward to seeing you graduate, develop super successful apps and earning six (correction N-I-N-E!) figure income in Texas! There is a lot to be excited for and if there’s anyone I believe in to make it to the very top it’s you!

Happy 22nd Birthday mofos!

Sincerity: A Prayer

Dear God,

I miss you. I love you. Thank you SO much! I’m… devastated.

What does it take to be sincere? To say the words above and say them with your heart and soul?

Does it take a tragedy for me to be crushed in spirit? Can I be so happy I can’t say a thing at all? What does it take to be sincere?

“I so glad to see you. I really missed you guys.”

8880 km, 23 HOURS  from Seoul to London. All just to see her friends.

That’s sincere.

Crying when it was time to say goodbye.

That’s sincerity.

God, please teach this robot genius to be sincere.