Takers of joy and light, selfish to the core.

We think of ourselves constantly – nothing more.

Harbingers of pain and death; we pollute the very air.

We often wind up smashing nature beyond repair.


We are human.

We are flesh and blood.

Outwardly bright as stars.

Inwardly – dark as mud.

We are human.


Our footsteps leave footprints of regret and contempt.


Or so I thought.


Among our number exist a few,

Who buck the trend and spoil the view…

One can’t argue, it’s for the better.

These human beings live not for themselves.

They break every rule in the rulebook – to the letter.

Imagine shouting, “Hi!” to someone who doesn’t know you.

Perhaps a fool who chose to forget you.

In front of a crowd of your peers.

Unafraid of their jeers; their sneers.


Imagine making time when you know you’re busy.

Driven by love and not by pity.

In a time where disappearing is made easy.

But you can’t, lying makes you queazy.


Imagine giving your life to save the world,

Dreams tied in a sack and hurled.

(We know not where.)

Focussing on preserving life, not money.

Slightly ‘out of touch’ to put it bluntly.


Imagine revelling in the simplest joys.

Plain gifts bring double-joy.

When it seems a tub of ice cream gets you to scream, “I’m highly esteemed!”


Imagine singing songs full of the Word.

Strumming guitar strings no one’s heard.

Flaunting not the talent one has.

Humbly covering a soulful soul full of Jazz.


Perhaps that’s what it takes to be human,

To be an inspiring man – or a woman.

To be a prevailing light in the darkness.

To be a tender touch in the harshness.

To be praiseworthy furnishing in the starkness.

Perhaps that’s what it takes to be human.



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