via Daily Prompt: Glaring

“Hold my hand.”

Trembling, I do. I’m basically a human earthquake, a humanquake? I tremor. I can feel the foundation of my balance, my knees, collapsing. The weight of their glares makes my feet sink rapidly into the floor. A plea escapes between shuddering lips, “I can’t do this… I just ca-”

“Forget them. Focus on me. This is our night.”

Gorgeous… that she is – and more – far more than my feeble vocabulary could ever muster. Her words give me strength. They are a ray of sunlight to my Kryptonian skin, but the kryptonite of their glares still tempers my will.

“I’m with you, I’m with you all the way. Don’t worry about them. Just focus on me.”

I turn back. Oh… lips meet… what a pleasant surprise. Gasps all around the room. Are they still glaring? Who knows? At this moment I couldn’t care less. All the fear has melted into bliss.

PS I’d like to say I’ve been reading too many romance novels or watching too many romantic movies… alas that is not the case; my brain just does what it wants to do.


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