Favourite Songs: Pre-Teen

I’ve decided to list the top five songs from my childhood, at least as I remember them.

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Black Or White – Michael Jackson

Dad came back one day with a DVD (a common theme regarding this list). It was a compilation of MJ’s best music, one my Dad had brought back from a work trip to our Western neighbours, Botswana (this will also be a common theme). MJ would thus cement himself as my favourite artist growing up. I mean, the guy has two gems in my top 5. If nothing else he was a real talent.

All Star – Smash Mouth

This song holds a special place in my heart. First heard on a DVD Dad brought back from Botswana this song signalled the birth of Joe the public speaker. As I recall it, music class was approaching an end and we had a few minutes to spare before the bell rang. Our teacher was gracious enough to give us, a group of overexcited 10 year olds, the chance to make utter fools out of ourselves. A friend of mine, an even more overzealous kid called Tino, then prompted me to rap the popular song that had been making the rounds as the background to a potato chip ad. It also featured on Rat Race, a movie I thoroughly enjoyed because it had Rowan Atkinson in it… and Rowan Atkinson is a simply glorious creation… he IS Mr. Bean! Now normally I would have shied away from the spotlight… normally… the thing most people don’t know is that this was also the time when the idea of crushes was beginning to take hold in my mind. I had someone I needed to impress. So I gave it a go… and I must say, it was a resounding success.

True Colours – Phil Collins

This was the birth of my taste in good music. What a jam! The reason it eventually became my favourite is actually because of peer pressure. One of my closest childhood friends, Bomi was and still is his name, laughed at me when I owned up to never having heard the song before. The guy could laugh! It was so annoying. “How could you not know this song?” he asked increduoulsy and teary eyed. This was pre-confident me… I didn’t take it too well… so I went home and looked for the song, writing down the lyrics and learning it word for word. It’s stupid, I know this and I agree with you, but  had it not happened I don’t think I would have loved the music I love today. And I love the music I love today. Why? Because it’s good music!

Life Is A Highway – Rascal Flatts

‘Cars’… What a movie! The highlight: a scene right after the first race when Lightning got in the huge truck and on the road. The music in this scene was simply glorious. I cried upon singing it! I know… I was an emotional little child back then, maybe it contributed to my lack of tears right now. Perhaps I used them all up when I was younger. Anyway, I learned the song word for word by replaying the DVD my Dad brought back from (I’m sure you know by now) a work trip to Botswana over and over. I played the DVD from that scene one day when he was about to leave for work. He came back to find me replaying that very scene still over 8 hours later! It’s the only reason I learned how to use loop on a DVD player! It’s partly why it ranks first in my list.

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