My Favourite Kind Of Movie Romance

So… Spider-Man. It seems to be a recurring theme on my blog, doesn’t it? The title to this post refers to the romance between protagonist Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in the film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. They shared  I found to be very intriguing.

Why am I fan? Well there’s a substantial amount of making out in the film. That’s some good eye candy right there! 😂 But that’s the least attractive thing about their dynamic. Both are witty – blessed to the sky with conversational acrobatics akin to the parkour the title character exhibits. Yet when Peter tried courting Gwen he fumbled about like a toddler in the world’s darkest room. So awful was his attempt to woo her – it actually worked. Here’s the interesting bit: one could attribute shyness to vulnerability. Peter completely lacked confidence because he was out of his depth when it came to Gwen. One could argue that they were characters written to make the perfect match yet to Peter that wasn’t the case. Peter felt inferior next to Gwen. You have to understand this version of Peter was pretty confident. Nah scratch that, he was actually pretty cocky. So to feel that way regarding Gwen only meant that his view of her was untarnished. She was more than great in his eyes. To him she was perfect.

Ths argument would then be brought up. Nobody is perfect – so this relationship would never work. After all the illusion of perfection would fade eventually. Yet being perfect to Peter need not mean actually being perfect. Peter accepted Gwen and loved her, imperfections and all as if she were perfect. I think that’s special. Throughout the movie it feels like they’re in the honeymoon period and it never lets up. Even when they place each others lives at stake there is no resentment, only worry for each other’s safety. They seemed like a young, more vibrant version of Uncle Ben and Aunt May… a couple whose relationship spanned decades, ’til death. I could see their relationship lasting just as long.

For Peter two things mattered more than anything. Gwen’s safety as well as her happiness in equal measure. I stress the word equal. Gwen loved Peter with equal intensity. The depth of character provided by the script and the performances was equally impressive. There was an equality in their relationship, intelligence as well as relevance. In actual fact, Gwen was ahead of him in the intellectual pecking order in school – and Peter was a well-acknowledged genius.

I appreciate that even when they barely knew each other she offered him solace at the passing of his uncle, his sole living father figure. Her shared sorrow was nearly tangible. Yet when her own father dies something odd happens. Peter doesn’t attend the funeral.

It’s quite sad. What makes it worse is that Peter is partially responsible for the deaths of his uncle as well as Gwen’s father. Yet he didn’t attend the latter’s funeral. It had to do with a promise he made to the man as he was dying. To keep his daughter, Gwen, away from harm. So he had to leave her. Nobody close to Spider-Man would ever truly be safe. So he kept the promise. But after seeing that both of them were unhappy with his decision he broke his promise. It would be pointless to keep her safe if she was unhappy. So Gwen’s happiness was above his integrity and superseded even his immense guilt.

PS They were also very cute together. I think that’s all I needed to say really.

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