6 Out Of 10

Phew. Almost broke the trend but I’m here now, posting once more. I’m fresh from a good, long conversation with one of my closest friends and I feel inspired (as ever after our conversations) to excel in whatever comes my way.

6 out of 10. That’s the answer I have given for most things in my life; unfortunately for the most important ones as well.

They’d ask, “On a scale of 0-10, how much time and effort do you put into A. B & C?”

“6 out of 10,” I’d respond, sometimes less, so long as the subject in question was something integral to life.

10 out of 10. That’s the goal. You don’t want to be like the Ayanda Joe Munikwa of the past, the one who would give 10 out of 10 only when it came to playing, relaxing. You want to give your energy to the things that matter most: to your family, to your health, to your future.

But speaking about ratios and arbitrary numbers is easy. “Turn a 6 into a 10″… sounds easy, right? But how is it done? What does it mean to work at it? Sometimes we need to receive an even firmer kick for us to move into gear, so here it comes.

You will die. That is a fact. If you’ve read this blog in its entirety then you’re about 2 minutes closer to that reality than you were when you started reading. Knowing that you aren’t going to possess that body and be in the same place for time eternal, what is it you want to do with the limited life you have? Is sleeping till noon an option? Is it satisfying in retrospect? After all, if you sleep 8 hours a day and live to 60 that means you’ve slept through 20 years of life. What more if you sleep for even longer?

Does your laziness fill you with contentment? Do you have a dream? I hope the answer to that last question is yes. If it isn’t then all I’ll say is look for your dream because it can be found. When you’re not lying in bed staring at the ceiling or trying to fall asleep (knowing you’ve already overslept), what are you thinking about? What makes you excited? Still can’t think of anything? Then force yourself to leave the house. Go outside. When someone says let’s go do something while you’re typing “no thanks” pinch yourself and type “ok let’s do it” instead. In your pursuit of new things you’ll come across things that will excite you.

Did you say yes when I asked if you have a dream? Then I’ll say don’t be content with letting it remain a dream. Go for it! You only live on this bright blue earth once – at least as you are today. So give it your all, get a 10 out of 10 for effort in everything you do. If not ask yourself this: what else are you saving your energy for?

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