What It Feels Like Writing A Blog

I’m not doing this right. That’s what I tell myself half the time. But it really doesn’t matter because it’s my blog, I can do whatever I want – and it feels glorious!

I would definitely recommend having a blog or writing about anything of interest in your spare time. Deciding to post daily has really helped me take notice of my life and things that I encounter especially since I’m focused on seeing things out of the norm now. I have to help keep my content educational, motivational, interesting and varied. Thus I can no longer stay in my room or do the same activities day by day.

Writing this blog has helped me not be lazy, it’s done the opposite of what I thought and inspired me to go out more. I have frequently found myself asking, “What can I add to my blog today?” And it feels absolutely amazing when I find something and post it.

I’ve only been at it fully for a couple of weeks now. Let’s say I did this daily for a year. Each post is about a page long, give or take. 365 pages… That’s a book. I still haven’t really finished one. All I have done so far is write a couple of pages and give up – but I’ve decided to try again. So starting on the 15th of next month I’ll be writing new entries for a book alongside my daily posts.

It should be a cracking ride. Enjoy.

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