Ugh… Men

Ugh… Men. Am I disgusted by them? You bet. Today I decided to walk to the mall rather than use the tube. The sun was out and the day looked too lovely not to stroll in. So I did. But men just had to ruin it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all men are crass. Just that I’ve come across more that are than aren’t. Do I come across people I find physically attractive as I walk down the street? Always. Do I holler at them and try to attract their attention? No. Do I have a particular form of dress/build that intrigues me? Yes. Do I use that as an excuse to ask for said person’s number? No. Listen, I’m not saying that everything that I do is right and everything I don’t do is wrong because that would be both ludicrous and false. What I’m saying is if I can let someone have a peaceful walk to wherever they are going without looking to attract their attention then so can anyone else, surely? Some men just don’t seem to get this at all.

“Hey pretty thing! Where are you going looking fine like that?”

How I hate that line. Does it matter to you where I’m going? If I looked any different would you be saying the same thing or would you be silent? Worse off would you call me out for not looking the way you want me to? Part of me feels that’s the case. Normally such a line doesn’t come in isolation. Normally this buffoon is flanked by more of his kind. For some reason he thinks he’ll earn respect from his peers if he can make me feel uncomfortable. If that is the case then these men are more appalling than I give them credit for. How do I answer? I don’t want to talk to him so I should ignore him, right? But that only spurs him on:

“Don’t be like that honey. Don’t you want a piece of this?” He proceeds to point at his *guns*

(Ugh… Idiot! Also when did we progress to affectionate names? You don’t even know me)

So the fool won’t be rejected by silence. He calls me names as I walk past simply because I chose to ignore him. He becomes even more roudy, his language becoming more coarse as it becomes increasingly evident that I don’t want anything to do with him. But this silent treatment is better than the alternative. If I had answered back his thirst would have only intensified. Giving him an avenue to continue speaking to me would only spur his insatiable lust. Lust for what exactly, respect? My body? In the best case scenario what does he even have to gain from this situation?

I walk on. Doing my best not to let this revulsion ruin my day… even as this happens again and again and again. The most miserable of groundhog days, orchestrated by men.

So this was my take on what I think women who get heckled go through on a daily basis. It obviously isn’t wholly accurate and is a bit brief so I’ll try to add more detail to it later on. I’ll continue tomorrow by talking about how I think ladies should be treated. Why is this worth writing about to me? Well these “men” aren’t what I aspire to be and especially not what I want my sister to ever encounter.

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