Hey Brother: Conversation With Self Part 2

A: Hey Brother

J: Hello there. How are we today?

A: I don’t know *grins sheepishly* surely you can tell me how we are?

J: Hot. It’s 21:18 and 27 degrees Celsius. We feel as if we’re melting.

A: You’re telling me… I guess this is what we get. We’ve always wanted to be hot.

J: *laughs* so… so you finally admit that we weren’t hot all along? At least THAT delusion has ended. Now we can move on and fix other things.

A: You misunderstand me brother. Hot as we define it is being sexually attractive, nothing more. What we are is far more than simply sexually attractive.

J: *groans* Oh God. This is worse than I imagined. I think I might actually need help out here. *yells* Hey brother?

AJ: You called?

J: Yeah. Are we hot?

AJ: Absolutely. It’s late evening and the temperature is above the mid-twenties. We might as well be on fire.

J: I meant to say are we physically attractive?

A: Yeah… are we?

AJ: Oh I see what’s going on here. We’re having THAT talk. Finally. As for your answer. Yes we are physically attractive…

A: Booyah! J: *groans loudly*

AJ: …depending on who you’re talking to.

A: What?

J: Oh this is going to be interesting…

AJ: Mom will say we’re undoubtedly a fine looking young man. But she’s our mother, she’s obliged to think just that.

J: Obviously.

AJ: That’s not to say that she’s entirely wrong, just biased. If you take part in making something you can’t always look at it objectively. It’s like when we sing in the shower we think we all sound amazing yet the truth is most of us just are’t great singers.

A: So what’s your point?

AJ: Kim, our sister if you need reminding, isn’t a fan of avocados. We, however, are huge fans of avocados. Are avocados awesome or not?

A and J: Avocados are the best!

AJ: But Kim doesn’t think so. Does that make her wrong?

A: Yes it does.

AJ: No it doesn’t. She just happens to have a different opinion. As do others.

J: So basically every person has a “taste” and it differs from person to person?

AJ: Bingo!

A: Explains why Kuba doesn’t find Gal Gadot mega attractive.

J: Yeah good thing our handling of that was one of the issues we sorted out otherwise we would have fought over it… and lost – embarrassingly.

AJ: Absolutely. With no practical fighting experience we would,  excuse the term, get our ass handed to us.

A: Alright then… So I was right. We are beyond stunning.

J: Yes, yes we are… depending on the audience.

AJ: Of course. But you want to know which audience matters the most?

A and J: *exchange a look* We do!


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