Watch Me

I see my name in shining lights – those aren’t headlights right?

Brighter than a distant sun – I am a rockstar.

I am a celebrity, the biggest of the bigshots.

It’s true, maybe my ego isn’t tinpot.

But my aspirations are real, to see my talents realised,

To know my poems are read, to view my books serialised,

Adorning shelves with Harry Potter and with Rich Dad Poor Dad,

Raking in enough recognition to make haters mad.

Because something isn’t right when these haters don’t exist,

It just means you really haven’t made the Successful People List.

In my visions… yes… in my hopes and dreams,

It isn’t just witnessing fame that is spurring this greed.

It’s not greed at all. More than want, it’s need!

To satisfy the inner man that pleads for me to succeed.

For me to believe, achieve and then to exceed.

To never… never concede defeat.

So to my past self I say only this:

Watch me.




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