The weight of uselessness crushes me.
It is a giant, immovable boulder intent on crumbling my bones to ash.
How the days slip between my fingers like granules of sand, trickling away, falling into the sea.
They never return.
I constantly reflect and tell myself that one of these days I will make up for it all.
One of these days I will change.
Every day I live shall be well spent.
I tell myself that, even as the hours fade and the sun goes down.
I tell myself that tomorrow I will start.
I declare, “Tomorrow I will do it!”
But… tomorrow never comes.
Tomorrow is the phantom I have been chasing all my life.
Tomorrow is way out of reach.

So today let me try something daring.
Today let me not put it off any longer.
Let me change-at this very instant.
Let me not wish. Let me DO!
Starting. Right. Now.


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