The Kiss

Warm. Moist. Full of life.
Your tongue invades and controls and guides and taunts my own.
Darting in like a rabbit in it’s hole, seeking solace and refuge within my mouth.
You try to contain all that I have within the confines of your luscious lips.
I feel you hot breath drawing me in.
I hear your panting. Heavy. DEAFENING! It excites me.
I feel your chest press against my own as your arms wrestle me close.
I can feel your heart beating as it tries to burst through your breast.
Your scent floods my senses.
Your heat drowns my thoughts.
I am lost in this one moment of sheer bliss…
The gentle caress of your tongue against mine; the clashing of your lips against mine -enhanced by our blindness.
I taste you and find you to be utterly delicious.
I take a quick peek only to find that you are staring up at me.
I smile.
We go again.


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