Everyday Is Mother’s Day

I think about my birth, my gift of life gave you pain,
I think about the people in my life…some leave me but you always remain,
Even when I am your source of grief my joy is at the top of your list.
Even if you are cold to the bone, keeping me warm you can’t resist.
You’re the epitome of sacrifice, a close definition of love.
When I see you being selfless I see that there really is God above.
I see Him perform His acts through you,
As you care for me and my sister too.

Through being human, through being emotionally blind,
I had failed to see the truth, I had shutters on my mind,
But through some miracle, through some inexplicable event,
I finally see what I was supposed to see-something even my ignorance couldn’t prevent.
You are a rare gem, you are a bright beacon in a storm of darkness,
You are my favourite poem-all of you, including your bluntness.
All of my success I owe to you  and your perseverance,
I owe it to your love, your attention and your constant vigilance.
Your prayers were not in vain; I will be worth all that pain,
Through what won’t come and what may,
By your side, Mom, I’ll forever remain.


Those ending lines may be the biggest barrier to me being cool if someone actually reads this haha.


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