Trafalgar Square

Look at the pretty lion. Roarrrrrrr! Funny enough they could never have lions naturally in the UK because they wouldn’t survive. LOL. Way to start off the blog Joe, be a savage.

Wasup peeps? Guess who went to Trafalgar Square today? This guy! “This guy” as in me. I must say it was absolutely lovely! I went there on the hottest August day recorded since the late 90s… in the 19th century that is. And boy were there loads of hot girls… physically, literally and metaphorically speaking. I worked up a real sweat because of all of the above and lots of walking.

I even had a chat with one of the peeps by the information desk. He was lovely. He gave me some wonderful information about Trafalgar Square, I remember almost none of it but I took a video so you can check it out on YouTube; you know… when I actually grow a pair and give you my YouTube channel name.

All in all it was such a productive day to be honest. I managed to get a high-paying, high-reward job for the school term, talked to the client manager who also happened to be the lady I had a crush on (had the crush die because I encountered unsavoury information after a little bit of interrogation). I also saw some beautiful art in the National Art Gallery, with paintings drawn back when the nip was still free (oh yeeeeeeahhhhh). It was generally such a good day for me that I’m surprised at myself for ending the post here.

Check out some of the pictures below. Take care!

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