This Moment

It’s early Saturday morning, 07:17 to be exact, and I am yet to hit the hay. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. One does not earn the title “Night Rider” (I just came up with that) by sleeping when the sun is down. I must confess, there is something profoundly different about my staying awake during *“ungodly” hours this time round.

*”ungodly” in quotation marks because the night was never designed for ungodliness

At some point during the day, after watching an endless stream of YouTube videos, I was struck by this sudden urge to be in motion, to DO SOMETHING. Do you ever feel like life is passing you by and time is just trickling between your fingers like a steady stream of liquid? That’s how I’ve been feeling during this elongated summer break. After admiring what young, vibrant people were accomplishing on YouTube I finally decided that enough was enough!

So I chose to make the time count. It was 1600 Friday afternoon when I decided that, except… I only undertook it a mere 8 hours later! BMT is better than nothing, right? Maybe. But punctuality trumps all. On a side note, to be fair to my fellow people of colour, procrastination has nothing to do with your complexion. It is a state of mind that I and many others have to eradicate from our system because it steals our lives away from us. I’m working on that issue but clearly there’s much room for improvement. Where was I again? Right… I left my room and moved to the study area because if I’m going to be productive where else will I go?

It’s 07:05. All I’ve done from midnight till now is dabble with Photo Booth. That’s it. Over 7 hours and that’s all I’ve done. I’d told myself I would make a rap video for the new mega-blockbuster Suicide Squad. My lack of singing ability made it quite a hit, at least to me, but there is no way this video is going on YouTube, sorry YouTubers.

07:10 I visit a YouTube page (as if that comes as a surprise anymore) titled “it’s AMI” and surprise surprise, there’s a 4 minute motivational video. I listen to it because… well… I convince myself that there is nothing better to do (but there is! There always is!) I pay attention to her words (AMI that is), maybe judge her appearance for a sec and admit I am more than satisfied by what I see but what stands out for me is the song in the background. It’s ‘Moment 4 Life’. Now I’m not a huge Nicki Minaj fan but I must say that chorus is quite sublime. For me the words “moment” and “life” just popped and stuck in my brain.

*I am approaching the crux of this message so pay close attention.

With those two words ringing in my ears I realised that I was up at 07:15 in the morning on a Saturday. My plans for the day were meh… football and meh… but at that moment, with those two words bouncing around in my seemingly empty skull it hit me like a runaway train. That moment I spent doing God-knows-what was gone. Friday the 12 of August 2016 was gone. I cannot rewind time, I cannot re-do the day… it’s gone, finished, and in my native Shona – zvafa. It hit me like a hailstorm of boulders. That moment when I procrastinated is what separates me from where I want to be, it’s what separating you from becoming the person you admire. We all live life with the same number of moments. Don’t get me wrong – people die at unexpected times, have different opportunities and circumstances but if you live through a day – that day has 24 hours… that’s 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds (yes I used a calculator for the last one… maybe even the one before) and it’s the same for EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING. Fact is, when that day is over, it’s over.

I would like to urge you to not be like me over the past few hours, maybe months or even years. I regret the single wasted moment I had that I’ll never have again. Imagine if I keep this up. How many such moments would have slipped through my fingers in a lifetime? In this moment I could have researched something that would have dramatically changed my mindset. I could have saved someone’s life, rejuvenated a weary soul… somehow. I could have mapped out what I want for the days ahead or made provisions for said map. I could even have simply chatted with a friend and eased whatever emotional baggage he/she had but I didn’t do any of that. Instead I did nothing of consequence. That moment has slipped away – forever.

In conclusion I’ll leave you with this. Life will give you a series of moments. It’s up to you how you choose to live them out. Once you have spent your moment, IT’S GONE! So do that thing you’ve been wanting to do but have been constantly putting off. Write that journal entry (yay me!), write that script/lyric, greet that crush, hug that neighbour, read that book, upload that YouTube video, visit that gym… you know what it is you want to do more than I do. You’re probably picturing it right now. Do it. Just do it! Now, in this moment! The moment you’ll never have again. Live!


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